Steve Ryu
Selected Works

Humannature (2015)
Two channel video and foley + found audio.

Sousveillance (2017)
Two channel video installation | Resolume Arena – USB camera module – Security Mirror – Sonotube

EEG Theremin (2017)
Live stream excerpt | Mindflex EEG + bluetoothBrainWaveOSC – OsculatorPureData

Trilateral (2017)
Three channel video and original music performance | iPhone – CameraVision – AirPlay(5KPlayer)

White Vaudeville (2016)
One channel video and performance

Mark's Song (2015)
Two channel video feed-back and original music performance.


Steve Ryu (b. 1991 Seoul, South Korea) is a Los Angeles-based Digital + New Media artist who makes works of multi-channel video-audio installation art focused on technology and human body. He received a MFA in Experimental Sound Practice from California Institute of the Arts and a BFA in Film/Animation/Video from Rhode Island School of Design. Ryu has spent the four years investigating the responsibility of the audience in today's digitized culture.